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Stella options

Stella functionality is available via three independent Stella modules – Discovery, Compliance and Configuration - or via Stella Central, which delivers Discovery, Compliance and Configuration modules with Monitoring and Reconfiguration functionality.


Know the exact equipment on your network to identify or remediate risk, be that EOL, misconfigured or non-approved equipment.



Always be confident that your properties are 100% compliant with your network standards.


When your networks are configured in strict accordance with your standards from the start, your risk profile is lower and your 3rd party vendor onboarding is streamlined.



In full implementation, Stella Central is your single network operating platform, allowing you to automatically discover, audit, configure, manage, and document your portfolio of networks.

Stella Security

Security is a principal concern at Stella, so we take a multi-layered approach to security for the Stella Relay and Stella Satellite.

The Stella Relay is a single-purpose device

The Stella Relay is built specifically as simple jumping points for securely accessing your network with no additional functionality. Each Relay is provisioned with unique credentials and can only be used with the target network.

The Stella Satellite can leverage your VM infrastructure

The Stella Satellite is also a secure jumping point but can be virtualised and has the ability to monitor your network. If you don’t have virtual server infrastructure, then the Stella Satellite hardware can host a Stella Satellite and other services such as RADIUS or PMS Interfacing.

All access to the Stella Relay and Stella Satellite is over encrypted links

Each Stella Relay and Stella Satellite call home to a secure network via encrypted VPN links and wait for instructions.


Stella doesn't keep your data

All Stella devices, physical or virtual, use encryption in flight and at rest, and temporary storage to ensure your data is secure. Stella Relays purge details such as the configuration of your network, compliance tests, and logs after each round of testing, ready for the next run. Stella Satellites retain data for monitoring but purge all data when powered down.

All Stella Relays and Stella Satellites are isolated

Stella Relay and Stella Satellites can only access the Stella VPN servers and are not accessible outside of the VPN link. Communication between Stella devices is blocked.

Humans need not apply

The Stella Relay and Stella Satellite can only be accessed by our automation platform.

Built on the shoulders of giants

Like almost every software product, Stella is built on best-of-breed technologies that includes large and mature open-source software projects such as Linux, SSH, Python, Ansible, and OpenVPN.

Supply-chain security is monitored

We automatically monitor the projects and libraries incorporated into Stella to ensure that all security updates are implemented as soon as possible.

Which means, with Stella your attack surface is minimal and resides in AWS best practice security protocols.

Secure by design

Stella does not hold personal or financial information. All services have a minimal attack surface protected by AWS managed services and configured to AWS best practices.